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Alone Together

Posted by prof_trevelyan on 2007.11.05 at 00:49
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Location: Trevelyan House, Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire
Date: November 7th, 1994
Time: 4:30pm

Aurelius opened the front doorCollapse )

OOC BitCollapse )

Date: Saturday 19th August 2017
Time: 12:15 pm
Location: Diagon Alley

Al walked out from under the shadeCollapse )


Apologies and watch this space...

Posted by hprp_ng_mods on 2007.10.11 at 18:18
I'm sorry everything seems to have dried up. I've just started my PhD and was having a really rough time with one thing and another before that.

Things are starting to calm down now, and as soon as I've got enough free time, I'll look everything over and we can get back on track.

I really care about this community and would like to make it work; put simply I've been a bit lame.

So watch this space and we'll soon be up and running again.

Vicky xx

One More Night

Posted by v_snape on 2007.09.26 at 13:09
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Location: Victor's Apt Bldg, King's Cross Station
Date: 31th August 2017
Time: 10:33pm 

It was the evening before Victor was to take the Hogwarts Express.Collapse )

When: 31st August, 2017
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Place: Hogwarts Great Hall
Who: All staff

Slughorn rose from his chair and cleared his throatCollapse )

Hogwarts - Staff Meeting

Posted by boss_slugg on 2007.09.20 at 03:09
Current Location: Hogwarts
Current Music: Symphony No. 5 - Beethoven
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Date: August 31st, 2017
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Place: Hogwarts
Who: All staff
Professor Slughorn looked around the Great HallCollapse )

The Facts of Life

Posted by sevoral_reasons on 2007.09.16 at 15:12
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Date: Saturday 19th August 2017
Time: 8:30 pm
Location: 12 Grimmauld Place

Al slunk into the studyCollapse )

Sybil visits Diagon Alley

Posted by sybil16 on 2007.09.08 at 01:02
Sybil looked at her reading list.Collapse )

((ooc: do people read the posts i make directly to my char's LJ, or are they also supposed to go to hprp_nextgen? also, is my formatting working correctly now?))

Three weeks earlier

Posted by michael_wurth on 2007.09.05 at 14:13
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Location: Michael's home
Date: 28th July 2017
Time: 12:30

School had ended a few days agoCollapse )


Just a quickie...

Posted by hprp_ng_mods on 2007.09.05 at 00:10
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I've made hprp_ng_ooc so we've got somewhere talk about plot, character interactions or absolutely anything we fancy HP related or not. Join with your journals, your character journals, anything goes pretty much. If you can make yourself a sig so we know which character/s you play if you're using your own journal, it'll make things easier. And as always remember to keep your tongues (or fingers in this case I guess) civil.

Also be aware - if you're discussing plot you don't want other people to know about IC, make sure you mark it as such.

It's late and I'm tired, good night.

Vicky xx

(X-posted hprp_ng_mods and hprp_nextgen)

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