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HP - The Next Generation

Harry Potter Roleplay - The Next Generation
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"I open at the close"

This community has been on hiatus for too long - I intend to attempt to breathe some life back into it - watch this space!
Vicky xx

As JK left us with little to no idea of what is happening to everyone post Deathly Hallows, other than the fact they shouldn't have been allowed to choose their children's names, we're proposing to fill in the gaps with a bit of roleplay.

This will be set at Hogwarts so the opportunity for tons of new original characters in students and teachers is there, as well as those already known.

As it stands currently most of the canon characters are open to interpretation. However, in the wake of these being sorted out we're finding that personalities and situations are being created for other canon characters, e.g. Victoire Weasley now has a younger sister, Ariana (who is claimable). We're getting to the point where some unclaimed characters have almost a shadow of a bio. Things that have changed/come about can be found here. Bear this in mind when you apply for these characters. If you really disagree with something you read, talk to both the mods and the player that character is affecting. Input is love^^.

The game will be starting with the train journey that begins as Deathly Hallows comes to a close. At the present time the biggest thing we are going for is getting the magic that was Philospher's Stone back. There is no big dark evil looming over these children, not in anyway they can tell. I'm not saying the world is all cookies and sunbeams, a fact that the adult characters will be painfully aware of, it's just that this story will revolve around the children.

Background to the world at the present time can be found here [this will be a link when I finish it ^^]. If you are intending to play one of the students you are in no way expected to read this; if you do read it - remember that the students, the younger ones especially, will have very little idea of the 'state of things'.

Current Game Time--Summer 2017 - more detail here

List of possible characters.

CharactersPositionPlayed ByCharacter Journal
- At Hogwarts   
- Teachers   
Marcus Flitwick (OC)Arithmancy Professor/Head of Slytherincaptain_magpiemarcus_flitwick
FirenzeDivination Professor  
Rubeus HagridCoMC Professor  
Neville LongbottomHerbology Professor/Head of Gryffindorceiricprof_longbottom
Rose Peakes (OC)Potions Professor/Head of Hufflepuffmy_littlebirdrosepeakes
Harry PotterDADA Professornixchanrarer_thy_opt
Horace SlughornHeadmastermulticlassgeekboss_slugg
Aurelius Trevelyan (OC)Ancient Runes Professor/Head of Ravenclawdavechanprof_trevelyan
Bill WeasleyCharms Professorohnefuehlenprofweasley
- Students   
Erica Brent (OC)Second Yearnixchanerica_be
Jacob Dreyfuss (OC)Fifth Year/Prefectcaptain_magpiebadger_dreyfuss
Sybil Lovegood (OC)First Yeartehexilesybil16
Eudoxia Malfoy (OC)Fifth Year/Prefectlux_fiateudoxiamalfoy
Scorpius MalfoyFirst Yeardrago18falcons_fan1
Maggie McDonald (OC)Fifth Yearbethanies_lifemaggie_mcdonald
Cecilia Parkinson (OC)Sixth Year/Prefectucrazyutaraptorlovelycecilia
Albus Severus PotterFirst Yeardavechansevoral_reasons
James PotterSecond Year  
Victorious Snape (OC)**First Yearligeav_snape
Ariana Weasley (OC)First Year  
Rose WeasleyFirst Yearmagicisintheairdontcallmerosie
Victoire WeasleySeventh Year/Head Girl
Michael Wurth (OC)First Yearceiricmichael_wurth
- Others   
KreacherHouse Elf  
WinkyHouse Elf  
Fred Weasley (Ghost)*   
- Not at Hogwarts   
Luna Lovegood   
Teddy Lupin   
Draco Malfoy drago18[pending]
Medea Malfoy Draco's wife  
Pansy ParkinsonCurrent owner of Borgin and Burkes  
Jimmy Peakes Member of the Wizengamot  
Ginny Potter   
Lily Potter   
Arthur Weasley   
George Weasley   
Hermione Weasley   
Hugo Weasley   
Molly Weasley   
Ron Weasley   

*This may seem a little on the cracky side but we have our reasons - read this[link].

**Vic is not Snape's son, that would be... GAH! so made of no.

Master List

Character Bios

Character List and Contact Information - To ensure the privacy of our players this list can only be seen by those friended by hprp_ng_mods

Archive to Date

Other Useful Links


We stand by The Golden Rule of RP...don't go being a twat now.

We are slash friendly, but that is not what this RPG is about. If slash or any other relationships come about naturally through the actions and feelings of the characters then that's fantastic - it shows awesome roleplay - just don't push for it. If you do have a favourite ship and it's not happening, don't force it.

We are looking for reasonably experienced roleplayers, either online or table top. If you haven't roled played before we definitely ask for a decent standard of creative writing.

To keep this community alive, we ask for a certain amount of commitment. The minimum required is at least an IC personal entry once every two weeks. If you drop below this, you will be asked if you have enough time to keep up with the community. I want to see this place humming, and be somewhere we can keep the Potterverse alive.


Due to the possibility of adult content and the wish for a level of maturity there is a minimum age of 16.

Characters per person is limited to two for the time being. Also to try and build the base of canon characters and/or students and teachers at least one of your characters must come from either of these categories.

OC (original characters) are welcome, especially as we are attempting to build an entire school from scratch. There is a wealth of information from where to build OCs. Feel free to use, but don't restrict yourself to, wizarding families already mentioned in the books. Please make your OCs imaginative and un-Mary Sue like as possible. There is a separate application for OCs - see below. Also - something to bear in mind when creating OCs; we're not looking for the next 'boy who lived'. This RP is about the next generation of kids - any and all of them - we don't need a new protaganist.

Links to applications are here (canon) and here (OCs). Do not request membership of this community with your personal journal. Only character journals will be allowed to join. Copy and paste the headings and fill everything in. Send completed applications to be hprp.nextgen@googlemail.com.

When you get accepted, create a personal journal for your character/s. It is only these journals that will be allowed to join the community, and therefore show up on the community's friends page. Put a short bio describing your character in the profile, as much as you would like other characters to know, mark anything as not generally known as such. Friend the rest of the character journals with your character journal. Let us know the name and then, start roleplaying^^. It's also worth joining hprp_ng_ooc - the community's OOC community - with either your own journal or your character's. Also friend hprp_ng_mods as most updates and news and stuff will be posted on that journal - though I will end up spamming you friends page if I'm making a lot of changes at any one time.

Roleplay takes place in three ways, third person in posts in the main community, first person in posts from the character's personal journal and through IM services (MSN, AIM etc).

1, If you're posting in the main community use tags to make sure everyone knows the purpose of your post. Also include in the tags your character name and those of the characters you wish to be involved in that roleplay.
List of tags:-

open - the roleplay you are about to initiate is open to another character who could reasonably be in the same area. As other characters join into the post, edit the tags to include them. It is up to the person who made the first post to keep up with the tags.

closed - the roleplay is limited to the characters listed in the original tags.

ended - when the character who initiated the roleplay leaves the situation/conversation, that player ends the post and any further roleplay is continued with another post.

Take the first sentence of your post and turn this into an LJ-cut and put the rest underneath that cut.

Always use third party and past tense when roleplaying in the main community. You are effectively telling a story, remember that. See here for an example of what we mean, if you haven't experienced this sort of thing before.

Also, you control only your character - god mod-ing or power rping will not be tolerated, and depending on severity, may well see you out on your ear immeadiately.

2, Personal journal entries can be written exactly as if it were the character's own journal. Be creative and think how your character would report events. Any posts you feel your character would set to 'private' simply write private in the subject and they will taken as such.

3, Any IM roleplay is posted in the main com, with the log under an LJ cut! Add the tag log to your post as well as the names of the characters involved.

All entries need to be marked with a time and date, 'cause our timeline will be different to LJ's of course. Anything posted in the main comm will also need a location.

For those who have not roleplayed in this way before there is no GM (games master) so to speak. The 'story' is driven by the characters and their players. If at anytime the roleplay does become stagnant 'events' may be constructed, but whether or not this becomes necessary, we'll see.

Absolutely no net speak. Decent spelling and grammar, if you please. If you do use net speak in RP it will be taken as if your character were actually speaking like that, and you'll get a warning from the mods. Do it again and you're out.

N.B Because we haven't even started yet there are probably a dozen things that need to be on this list, and some that aren't particularily necessary. The rules, as with everything else, are a work in progress. The 'mechanics' for the rules have been influenced by Hp RP communities teh_lockdown and hoggiewarts